LED campground lighting

There are about 20 small lights throughout the campground to help guests get around safely at night. Each had a small 7 watt bulb that stays on whenever power to each of the campsites is on, so essentially 24 hours a day during the camping season. Ideally, each of the lights would have a sensor to turn them on only at night. This is the eventual goal, but an easy solution in the meantime was to replace all 20 7 watt lightbulbs with LED lights that use about 1/2 watt each. The LED bulbs we got are direct screw in replacements for the old incandescent bulbs. We decided to get blue lights to give a distinctive look to the campground at night.

1/2 watt blue LED light on a power pedestal in the campground.


About thomas

I'm currently a graduate Water Resources Engineering student studying at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. I completed a B.S. in Geosciences last year at the University of Montana, while taking additional courses in energy technology and history. I have a strong interest in renewable energy and resource conservation, and plan to continue pursuing interests in this area.
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