Energy Star refrigerator

We replaced the existing fridge in the family apartment at the campground that was about 40 years old with a new Kenmore Energy Star rated unit about a year ago. I couldn’t find exact specs on what the old fridge used electricity wise, but I found a site that estimated it at over 2000 kWh per year. The new one is estimated to use about 416 kWh per year of electricity. At 10 cents per kWh it will pay for itself in about five years. If you went for one without the stainless steel front, or if you have higher electricity rates it could have a faster payback.


About thomas

I'm currently a graduate Water Resources Engineering student studying at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. I completed a B.S. in Geosciences last year at the University of Montana, while taking additional courses in energy technology and history. I have a strong interest in renewable energy and resource conservation, and plan to continue pursuing interests in this area.
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