Some solutions that can reduce energy use are the most simple to implement. We replaced basically all of the regular incandescent light bulbs around the campground with compact fluorescent bulbs. Many of the other fixtures already use fluorescent tubes. About a dozen bulbs were replaced in total, many of which were 100 watt bulbs. The new CFLs with the equivalent light output of a 100 watt bulb use only 26 watts. Again, not hard to implement and won’t save the world on its own, but if everyone did it we could decrease electricity use across the country substantially.


About thomas

I'm currently a graduate Water Resources Engineering student studying at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. I completed a B.S. in Geosciences last year at the University of Montana, while taking additional courses in energy technology and history. I have a strong interest in renewable energy and resource conservation, and plan to continue pursuing interests in this area.
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